Strategic Talent Management


Benefits of attending: Evaluating and Improving key core Leadership and Employee competencies through effective mentoring and coaching skills. Discovering the latest tools and techniques to be applied at different stages of talent management. Identifying the right approaches for developing a valuable succession planning program. Achieving competitive edge by retaining and developing key talent in your

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Customer Success Summit 2018


Benefits of attending: Understand the emotions trigger that motivate your customers Creating the unique experience to “WOW” your customers Using amazing customer experience to get Word of Mouth (WOM) Measuring and monitoring your customer experience Transforming a brand to alter the customer experience   Who can participate? Product Managers, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, General Managers,

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Smart Cash Management Congress


Benefits of attending: Assessing the changing shape of global markets amidst the current economic downturn. Structuring a comprehensive liquidity solution to augment liquidity in the current volatile environment. Capturing effective Forex management and hedging on a global scale for proactive risk management.   Who can participate? Treasury Managers, Finance Managers, Economists, Operations Directors, CFOs

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Accounting Innovation Symposium


Benefits of attending: Gain recognition as a leading example of public finance excellence Reduce the risk of errors in the switch from GAAP/IFRS to IPSAS Reduce your ‘time to compliance’ when IPSAS becomes officially mandated in your jurisdiction Improve the efficiency of your financial reporting and record keeping Improve your department’s book closing cycle and

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Social Media Camp


Benefits of attending: Building a successful marketing strategy with social media. Finding and tracking the right measures and metrics to monitor and convert effectiveness. Defining realistic KPIs and goals of social media marketing to maximise social media potential. Selecting the right social media tools and channels for your marketing campaigns Allocating resources for your social

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Finance for Non-Financial Managers


Benefits of attending: Interpret and respond appropriately to financial information Communicate your contribution to the bottom line Uncover drains on profitability Make smarter decisions that deliver higher profitability   Who can participate? Designed for non-financial managers in every functional area of responsibility in all industries.

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